Tango Unchained

A festival surrounded by wonderful people

ONE tango, ONE dance , ONE big embrace and at the very centre is the human being.

Mission statement
Tango unites people, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, a festival that blooms from our hearts and our positive energy and vibes. Let’s create memories that we will always remember for the rest of our lives! Our 2nd edition of the festival is here, a festival that it’s 1st edition was met with warmth, lots of love and happy feet after it was finished and gave us the strength to continue our vision , which is to preserve the Argentinian culture with respect, focused on the people , providing high quality services to the people, in order to have a great time during the days of the festival. Tango is more than just a dance. It’s culture, it’s a way of life, an artistic expression so strong and vibrant , a tango for everyone. Tango Unchained is produced by Costa Kalogiros (Escape Velocity) , an awarded filmmaker / producer / Musician and a tango dancer and DustGoCreative , an artistic collective , a group of creatives of all kinds, art directors, graphic designers, a team which joined forces this year, with big experience to events of many kinds, promising to keep every visitor happy by providing the best possible services. Tango is an international language, a speechless communication. Passionate, authentic, deep, emotional.

2nd Tango Unchained international festival, 10 – 13 May 2018, Athens, Greece.

9 couples, 4 grand milongas, 3 afternoon milongas, 16 workshops.

We are delighted to host for the 1st time in Greece, one of the most loved couples in the world, the wonderful Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinoza ! Also for their 1st time in Greece, a couple that broke the chains with its unique style and theatrical inspired performing, Daniel Arroyo & Juampy Ramirez ! With them , three of the best couples in Greece and abroad, Greece tango scene’s biggest exports, the amazing Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou, Vaggelis Hatzopoulos & Marianna Koutandou, Maria Mantziou & Ermis Karaboulas. The festival will also have the honour to host three new couples compiled by very experienced dancers and professionals who have been in the tango scene for a long time, Danilo Maddalena & Pam Est La, Naima Gerasopoulou & Lucas Gauto and Evelina Sarantopoulou & Ezequiel Merlo! We will also have the chance to see new and upcoming forces of the Greek tango scene, Katerina Chatzipanteli & Giorgos Nikou, who will showcase their work for us!

Our team of amazing Dj’s with a big experience in Dj-ing internationally in festivals and marathons, will be (in order of appearance):

Ivon Carolina (Athens, Greece), Virginia Zacharaki, (Athens, Greece) Claudio Coppola, (Paris, France) Costa Kalogiros, (Athens, Greece) Ilias Selalmazidis, (Thessaloniki,Greece)

Dj’s for the Afternoon Milongas

Athena Ieromnimon & Eva Redoumi, Michael Kyriakides, Nefeli Laina

We’re looking forward to see you in Athens, with arms wide open!

ONE Tango!

The Tango Unchained team: Costa Kalogiros, Johnny Feelmore, Vasso Michailidou, Yiannis Zioris, Valantis Arsenios L.


Gran Milongas Pass

  • 4 days
  • 40 hours
  • 10 couples performance
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Festival combo

  • 4 days
  • 40 hours
  • 6 workshops
  • ( technique not included )
  • 10 couples performance
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Carlitos – Noelia


Adopting different body positions according to the movement we want to do. (Intermediate or Advance)

Action and Reaction

Playing with the roles for the understanding of follower’s suggestion. (Back leading)

Rhythmic sequences

Sequences for reduced spaces


Rhythmic variations


Containment of the movement to create accelerations.

semiprivate workshop

10 couples
How to set and ideas to put together a performance




Women technique 1

Women technique 2

Mens technique

Juampy – Daniel

Cadenas in tango milonguero

Strong, continuous and circular movement. How to apply it in the music, how to decorate it…

Old movements in tango

How to develop with the music, different directions of movements, analyzing each possibility of the side, forward, backward steps, embellishments for each movements for leader and follower.

Continuous Enrosque and estatic Enrosque

Development and explanation of the technique of the Enrosque, for leader and follower, what’s the secret for the axis and how to play with the legs

Boleos: technique and sequence

Starting from forward boleo the dynamic, we will develop another way, to decide when and how to make it, without starting with a backwards Boleo, although we will apply this one… Embellishment for followers…

Giros in milonga

Giro in 4 times and 8 times, embellishments, centrifugal force and embrace


3 levels… 3 different examples of dynamic, How to use the weight depending which orchestra we are listening to… preparation of the body and embrace tips…

Single tickets

(For all the afternoon milongas tickets will be sold at the door. Main Entrance: 5€)

Gran Milongas Pass

4 days


Warmup Milonga Wednesday

Tango Fix


Thursday Milonga


Friday Milonga


Saturday Milonga


Sunday Milonga




Warm up Milonga
VENUE: Tango Fix
Dj: Ivon Carolina
starts: 22:00


“Panionios BC” indoor basketball court

TangArt at 2nd floor

16:00 Neolia technique (1)
17:45 C/N Rythmic sequences
19:30 J/D Musicality

22:30 Gran Milonga
Dj Virginia Zacharaki
Live performance:
Naima Gerasopoulou & Lucas Gauto
Evelina Sarantopoulou & Ezequiel Merlo


“Panionios BC” indoor basketball court

4pm – 9pm
Tango Fix, Dj Nefeli Laina

TangArt at 2nd floor

12:00 J/D Continuous Enrosque and estatic Enrosque
13:45 J/D Giros in milonga
15:30 C/N Action and Reaction
17:15 C/N Sequences for reduced spaces
19:00 C/N Vals

23:00 Gran Milonga
Dj Claudio Coppola
Live performance:
Juampy Ramirez & Daniel Arroyo
Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou
Ermis Karaboulas & Maria Mantziou


“Panionios BC” indoor basketball court

4pm – 9pm
Academia del Tango en Grecia,
Dj Michalis Kyriakides

TangArt  at 2nd floor
(technique at groundfloor)

13:00 Noelia technique (2)
14:45 C/N Milonga
16:30 J/D Cadenas in tango milonguero
18:15 J/D Boleos: technique and sequence

23:00 Gran Milonga
Dj Costa Kalogiros
Live performance:
Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado
Vaggelis Hatzopoulos & Marianna Koutandou
Giorgos Nikou & Katerina Chatzipanteli


“Panionios BC” indoor basketball court

4pm – 9pm
Dj Athena Ieromnimon, Eva Redoumi

at groundfloor

12:30 J/D Old movements in tango
14:15 Carlitos technique
16:00 C/N Sacadas
20:00 Masterclass (at Tango Fix)

21:30 Farewell Milonga
Dj Ilias Selalmazidis
Live Orquestra: El Cachivache
Live performance:
Pam Est La & Danilo Maddalena
Baile de los maestros

Accommodation Suggestions

The Grove House

Pericles Apartment

Athen’s for Music Lovers

Acropolis & Seaside


Deluxe Apartment near Acropolis

Exarchion Hotel Athens

Athens Choise Hotel


Airport to Athens

City Center to main Venue

(Eth. Stegis 14, Nea Smirni 171 24)
ΤRAM from Sintagma Square: T4 – T5 line. Stop name: Εgaiou (Αιγαίου) 7th stop.Then it is 7′ walk. Runs from 05:25 until 02:00 in the weekends. Syntagma to Main Venue (T4 – T5 tram)

Afternoon milongas venues

Tangart and TangoFix are located just 15′ and 20′ walk from the centre “Syntagma Square,” or just 1 metro stop, M2 line (Acropolis) for Tangart and 2 metro stops, M2 line (Syggrou Fix) for TangoFix, but also a connection with the tram .Academia del tango is at “Monastiraki” metro station, 10′ walk from Syntagma square or 1 stop with metro. In Monastiraki there are also lines M1 and M3 of the metro. Here are the transportation links:

Syntagma to TangoFix (METRO)


Syntagma to Tangart (METRO)


Syntagma to Tangart (TRAM)


Syntagma to Academia del tango (METRO)


Check all transportations schedule at the “OASA telematics” app for Android and iOS.

Android: HERE , iOS: HERE


Taxis: Taxis are relatively cheap in Athens , approx 5 euros at daytime from the center to the main venue and 7 from midnight to 5am. There are great apps you can use to call a taxi such as “Beat,” (mytaxi). Here are links to the app:

Android: HERE , iOS: HERE


Make sure you check their website when you arrive as they have very often promocodes for free rides or big discounts.
Beat website: HERE


Note: We are not affiliated with the Taxi company, just suggesting as it is a great option.

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