Tango Unchained

A festival surrounded by wonderful people

ONE tango, ONE dance , ONE big embrace and at the very centre is the human being.

Mission statement

    Tango unites people, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, a festival that blooms from our hearts and our positive energy and vibes. Let’s create memories that we will always remember for the rest of our lives! Our 3rd edition of the festival is here, a festival that it’s 1st and 2nd edition was met with warmth, lots of love and happy feet after it was finished and gave us the strength to continue our vision, which is to preserve the Argentinian culture with respect, focused on the people, providing high quality services to the people, in order to have a great time during the days of the festival.
Tango is more than just a dance. It’s culture, it’s a way of life, an artistic expression so strong and vibrant, a tango for everyone. Tango is an international language, a speechless communication. Passionate, authentic, deep, emotional.