1. There is a capacity limitation in the venue (250), therefore tickets will NOT be sold at the door . You need to pre – register for this festival through tangopolix (link).

ATTENTION: Prices will change for any booking AFTER the 20th of April . After April 20, Gran Milongas full pass will raise 6€ and single tickets will raise 3€ each.

The pre registration will be open until the 10th of May, or until all 250 tickets are sold . We will make updates on our social media and website page for the available tickets left. First come first served.

  1. Water, snacks, coffee , juice and soft drinks for all the Milongas and workshops will be for everyone FREE. In all Milongas tickets a free drink (beer or wine) is included.
  2. Video recording of the shows is NOT allowed.
  3. Read terms and conditions HERE(link)


Terms & Conditions


Tango unchained has a limitation of 250 people, so if this number is reached, then the registration will stop and there will be no tickets sold at the door. Payment details will be sent to you once we receive the registration fee. When payment is made, please send us a copy of the payment receipt (a simple photo will do if it is a hard copy), at: [email protected] Cancellation policy: Cancellations by participants until April 20th are possible with an 85% refund. Cancellations by participants between April 20th and May 10th, are possible with a 50% refund. No refund for cancellations after May 10th. All money transfer expenses are paid by the participant. Please use your real name (not your social network alias) as you’ll need your documents to pick up your tickets and membership card at the registration desk. Online registration will be officially closed on May 10 (or when we reach the 250 participants). The participant is responsible for fulfilling all conditions (e.g. visa, health issues, permission etc.), which are necessary to attend Tango Unchained. The organization team will not be responsible for any loss (e.g. missed flights/classes etc), due to unfulfilled conditions. The organization team reserves the right to change or cancel a part of the organization without prior notice. In such a case, the organization team is only responsible towards registered participants. If bank fees occur again on the Tango Unchained side, although the participant has already paid them from his side, the participant MUST ASSUME these costs as well. Tango Unchained will not accept any insufficient amounts, due to deducted bank commissions/fees. If the participant will join the festival together with a partner, the participant and his/her partner will have to register separately. For any changes you will have to contact Tango unchained team. The participant will not be able to change anything after the 10th of May 2019. No visitors are allowed to attend the classes. Only the organization team and participants who are registered and who have already paid are allowed to attend the respective classes. No video recordings are allowed during classes or shows, without permission of the organisation team or the Teachers.